Shipping Policies

For Mother's Day delivery in provincial areas, we will post your orders in advance to our partner courier, and they will arrive on May 08-09.
For Valentine's delivery in provincial areas, we will post your orders in advance to our partner courier, and they will arrive on February 13 or 14.
Our cut-off time is noon Philippines Time for same-day delivery in Metro Manila areas only. For Provincial areas, our cut-off time is 10:00 AM Philippines Time, and it will be delivered on the following day between 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM. Orders received beyond the cut-off time for Metro Manila areas will be delivered on the next day, and for Provincial areas will arrive after two days. We accept and deliver orders daily from Monday to Sunday for Metro Manila and from Monday to Saturday for Provincial areas.
Time of Delivery
Our delivery schedule starts from 10:00 AM up to 7:00 PM only. For customers who are requesting a specific time of delivery, we advise you to place your orders at least 3-4 days before the date of delivery and email us at and write your Order ID as the Subject, then tell us what time you want your order to delivering (E.g., Before Lunch or, however, we CAN NOT GUARANTEE an EXACT time of delivery. We do not promise a specific delivery time during special occasions like Christmas, Valentine's, or Mother's Day, but for those who placed their order, a week in advance will be prioritized and delivered first.
Funeral Delivery
We can deliver to all Metro Manila areas and most provinces, but email us your recipient's address first to check if our delivery service covers it for Provincial areas.
Availability of the Product
If the item you order is unavailable, we will contact you immediately by phone and send you an email, but if we cannot reach you, we will wait for your reply before we deliver your order. For example, there are instances when the color or flavor of the item you order is unavailable. If the case is like this, we will call your recipient to choose among the other options.
Some items on our website are for Metro Manila only. Still, suppose the customer purchases any of those items, and the recipient's address is Provincial. In that case, we will automatically replace it with an item that is the same or higher amount than your order. 
Your Recipient
For Metro Manila Delivery
We will contact your recipient before we deliver to make sure that the recipient is available to receive the order and we can verify the exact address. If we cannot contact your recipient, we will send you an email and wait for your reply before we deliver the order.
For customers requesting to be anonymous kindly email us at and write your Order ID as the email's Subject and request.
If you wish not to call your recipient and make a surprise delivery, please send us an email three days before delivery. Still, you have to make sure that your recipient will be available to receive your order. If the recipient is not there or the address is incomplete or incorrect, we will first contact your recipient, but if your recipient can not reach your order will be returned to our office. We will notify you by email or call you, and if we cannot get you, we will wait for your reply. We can reschedule the delivery of the items for the following day, but you must settle first and pay the shipping cost again before we redeliver your order. The same policy applies to incorrect or incomplete addresses.
For perishable items (flowers, cake, etc.), if you want us to deliver a new and fresh item, you must pay the total amount of your order again. If not, we will redeliver the same thing we first attempted to deliver.
There are instances that the delivery is in a company or office address. Your recipient must be there to receive the delivery because most companies do not allow to leave any delivery to their receptionist or security personnel.
For Provincial Delivery
We are not responsible for deliveries made to incorrect or incomplete provincial addresses submitted by the customer. Suppose the recipient's address is incorrect or incomplete, and the delivery was attempted to the address. In that case, you must pay the shipping cost again so we can redeliver your order on the following day. Still, if more than one day and your order items are perishable, you must pay the total amount of your order again if you wish to replace it with a new and fresh item. If such a delivery is made, the customer assumes responsibility for the entire purchase. We deliver from Monday to Saturday only in Provincial areas.
Door to Door or For Pick Up Service
In some areas in Provinces are not possible for Door-to-Door Service. In this case, we will notify the customer first by email and call before we process and ship the item. Once the item is shipped, we will contact the recipient and inform them regarding the details of where to pick up the item. Areas not possible for door-to-door delivery are not exempted from the shipping cost of Luzon areas and Visayas/Mindanao areas.
Request to leave item at the recipient's Door
We must make sure that the order will be received personally by your recipient or the person you authorize to accept the declaration on behalf of the recipient.
Items with Lead Time
Some items have a lead time. Make sure that you have placed your order in advance, and there will be no conflict between the date of delivery and the availability of the items. For those who order these things and want to deliver on a specific date, even if the item will not be available, we will send you an email to inform you what we can do or how soon we can deliver your order.


(19 Reviews)

Praying For You

₱4377.10 ( $ 86.84 )

₱5661.50 ( $ 112.32 )

10 PINK Gerbera Kraft Jute


(40 Reviews)

You Are Special

₱2533.31 ( $ 50.26 )

₱3209.31 ( $ 63.67 )

PURPLE Carnation Korean White Maroon


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You Complete Me

₱2533.31 ( $ 50.26 )

₱3209.31 ( $ 63.67 )

MIX Carnation Korean White Black Gold


(137 Reviews)

I Adore You

₱2533.31 ( $ 50.26 )

₱3209.31 ( $ 63.67 )

Red Roses 24 Korean Black Gold


(177 Reviews)

I Love You, Mom! Bouquet

₱3802.50 ( $ 75.44 )

₱5406.31 ( $ 107.26 )

Kraft Jute / kraft


(12 Reviews)

I m All For It

₱3040.31 ( $ 60.32 )

₱4054.31 ( $ 80.43 )